New Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Businesses

Posted on June 15, 2011


The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) supports student entrepreneurs’ through national competitions, student led chapters in universities, online social networks, and more.  CEO helps students promote their businesses and gives support in new venture creation.  The following are several of the newest and best student run businesses from current and former CEO members:

Business: Buckle Blocker



The Buckler Blocker was created by Alex Cotton, Mechanical Engineering and Economics major at Michigan Tech University. “The Buckle Blocker improves child safety and eases the stress of driving by preventing premature seatbelt release in motor vehicles.”  Help fund the Buckle Blocker by giving a donation through  Here is the link:


Business: Knotty Outdoors


Knotty Outdoors is a casual hunting apparel company co-founded by Bradley University graduate Cassie Meyer.  Cassie won the 2011 Bradley University Project Springboard Business Plan Competition, got 1st place in the 2011 SEEC Elevator Pitch Competition, and placed 3rd in the National Elevator Pitch Competition hosted by the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization in 2010.

Business: The Kollection (Music for the Rest of Us)


A music blog and storefront, the Kollection has a unique and crisp style that has gained a significant following for music fans.  Brian Lovin from Baylor University created the site.

Found on the About page of “I started The Kollection in June of 2010 to share the amazing music of upcoming artists that might never be heard in the top 40 playlists. With humble beginnings, The Kollection has grown to become the best college music blog in the world. We now serve songs to hundreds of thousands of people around the world, every single month, in an elegant manner.

The Kollection is the most professional, most aesthetically elegant, and most innovative music blog in the world. My goal is to push the boundaries of the music world by spreading amazing music to students around the world, for free.
























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