Entrepreneur Lisa Nicole Bell on Young Entrepreneurship

Posted on October 23, 2012


I recently had a brief interview via email with entrepreneur Lisa Nicole Bell about the importance of supporting young entrepreneurs.

Lisa Nicole Bell is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and media personality who started her first business at the age of 19 and has been making an impact through her work as an entrepreneur and “social change agent” ever since. Lisa has released three books and received accolades including Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee by the SBA and the Cable Positive Award. When she is not working with clients or creating media projects, Lisa speaks on national and international stages at colleges and events such as TEDx, and this November, the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization(CEO) National Conference.

Michael Luchies: Why do you feel it is important to speak to young entrepreneurs?
Lisa Nicole Bell: Many Millennials will be in a difficult position over the next five to ten years if they do not develop entrepreneurial skills and explore entrepreneurship as a viable career path.

Michael Luchies: Why do you enjoy/feel it is important to spread your message?
Lisa Nicole Bell: If I can inspire one young person to start on a meaningful goal, I’ve done something magnificent. I believe that this generation of young entrepreneurs is one that can radically change the trajectory of our society and economy. If I can contribute to that by offering inspiration and tools, I’m happy to do so.Image‘ 


Read the full article here:  http://voices.yahoo.com/entrepreneur-lisa-nicole-bell-young-entrepreneurship-11818648.html?cat=4

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