EzBox Inventor Wins National Elevator Pitch Competition; Interview with Kaeya Majmundar, Student Entrepreneur

Posted on November 15, 2012


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Several weeks ago I published an interview about an entrant into the National Elevator Pitch Competition and how her pitch went viral, gaining over 59,000 views in less than a week. Several weeks later, Kaeya Majmundar not only made the field of 60 competitors at the competition hosted at the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization National Conference in Chicago, she excelled in all three rounds of the competition and won 1st place overall. Prizes included a total of $4,000 cash and National recognition as the competition’s champion.

I contacted Kaeya to follow up with her since our last conversation to get her thoughts after her great accomplishment and to see what is next for her and her patented EZBox, the solution to hard to assemble packing boxes. Here is a profile and an interview I conducted with Kaeya Majmundar on November 8th, 2012.

Name: Kaeya Majmundar

Age: 19 years

School: Emory University

Company Name: EzBox

Major & Year in School: Major: Human Biology and Anthropology. Sophomore

MIchael Luchies: How did you come up with the idea for your business?

Kaeya Majmundar: “Last May, my friends and I were getting ready to move out of our dorm after our first year at Emory. We had to pack everything while studying for finals. We had to make sure our room was left spotless so we didn’t incur room damage fees. I was also faced with the task of reserving a storage space and trying to find a way to transport everything from my dorm to the storage space. Somehow, I managed to pack all of my stuff and get it in the storage space in time. My friend, Bari, on the other hand, managed to leave everything until the last minute. I helped her pack her things and then, as I was carrying one of her boxes out to the car, everything started tumbling out from bottom of the box. I realized that she hadn’t secured the bottom of the box properly. After a long day of dealing with too many of Bari’s boxes, I figured there had to be a better way.”

Michael Luchies: Have you always considered yourself an entrepreneur? Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey:

Kaeya Majmundar: “I come from a family of doctors. I used to sit in the hospital’s dark reading room with my mom while she interpreted radiographs and follow my dad during his hospital rounds. I never really thought to consider going into anything other than medicine, simply because that’s how I grew up. I entered college with the pre-medical plan all laid out. Chemistry and calculus freshman year, biology and physics sophomore year…then organic chem, biochem and finally, the MCAT. Then I went to the CEO conference, and unlike my regular day when I am driving myself crazy trying to understand Newton’s Laws, I found that pitching my product, answering questions, and networking came naturally to me. While I was on stage during the closing keynote, it really hit me that I am going to have to chat with my parents. I am an entrepreneur.”

Michael Luchies: Why did you decide to enter the CEO National Elevator Pitch Competition?


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