Get Off the Couch; 5 Lessons from Serial Entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman

Posted on November 15, 2012


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Get Off the Couch; 5 Lessons from Serial Entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman

Serial entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman closed out the 2012 Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization(CEO) National Conference in Chicago on November 3rd with an inspiring message and several takeaways. Hoffman is known mostly for his role as a co-founder of and as CEO of ColorJar, but not only is he an inspiring serial entrepreneur, he is an amazing public speaker. Students left his speech inspired and ready to act on their business ideas. Below are his inspiring words of wisdom, not only on how to act on your entrepreneurial ideas, but also on how you can impact the lives of others.

Takeaways from serial entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman:

“Hire people smarter than you”
Jeff Hoffman is not shy about telling others that he really is not that smart (or at least that he doesn’t believe he is). It is hard to believe after all of his successful ventures, but he prides himself on being able to build amazing teams and surrounding himself with smarter people. Are you surrounding yourself with people that are smarter than yourself? Don’t be intimidated. Capitalize on the opportunity to learn from others and to use their assets to help achieve your dreams.

“If you are doing something that is not taking you anywhere, why are you doing it?”
So many of us go through life stuck in a dead end job for a decade or longer, but why? There is nothing wrong working for someone else or working a low paying job as long as you have a greater goal in sight. Even if you are not ready to start your own business or pursue your dream job, you could be doing something to prepare for it. Get working on your dreams, otherwise they will remain just dreams and never become your reality.

“There is no they”


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